Waterloo Memorial Recreation Complex

All rec facilities and the city museum are closed. We will contact you with further information if you were registered for recreation programs or rentals.

Full details are available on our COVID-19 response page.

Waterloo Memorial Recreation Complex (WMRC) is located at 101 Father David Bauer Drive

It is currently open for pre-booked ice, swimming and track activities, and facility rentals. Find entrance and booking procedures below.

  • Parking at WMRC is free
  • Check Grand River Transit for public transit locations, times and fees
  • Call 519-886-1177 for customer service
  • Front desk accepts cash, cheque, debit, credit and FitPass

On this page

  1. Rink entrance procedure
  2. Book swimming and track times
  3. Registered programs
  4. Cancellations and closures
  5. Rentals
  6. Amenities
  7. Upcoming major events
  8. Construction updates

Rink entrance procedure

Recreation centres are currently open for pre-booked programs, appointments and rentals only. Rules for all facilities and activities include:

  • complete mandatory pre-screening through your recreation service provider
  • wait outside at marked entrance to be greeted by facility ambassador
  • masks required except during play
  • no spectators permitted (one guardian per minor aged participant is permitted)
  • no access to showers or change rooms - arrive dressed to play as safely and reasonably as possible
  • no re-entry after leaving facility

Specific procedures for different activities are below.

COVID screening form

Completing City of Waterloo’s Online COVID-19 Heath Screening Form

In order to enter a City facility any and all types of participants must: 

  1. Complete a health screening information via their sport organization, or the City of Waterloo.
  2. If your organization has a COVID-19 health screening tool in place and has recorded this information with the City of Waterloo’s Facility Allocation and Bookings team your participants are excluded from having to use the City’s online COVID-19 Health Screening Form. 
  3. Participants must complete City of Waterloo’s Online COVID-19 Health Screening Form prior to entering the facility on the same day as the activity takes place. 
  4. The health screening form must be completed each and every time a participant and/or a family member enters the facility. 
  5. Participants must successfully pass the screening in order to be permitted entry into the facility. 
  6. You do not need to bring a printed copy of your results. Facility Ambassadors will check your form details at the assigned entrances.
  7. For those participants who do not have access to an electronic device, a staff member will assist in the completion of the online health form upon arrival at the facility.

Complete screening form

Procedure for using the indoor rink

Entry process
  1. Participants should arrive dressed for their activity and line up outside the facility entrance per the map below. Participants must follow all floor marking and signage.
  2. A facility ambassador will meet the rental group and will provide entry 15 minutes prior to the rental start time and once all members have arrived. Late arrivals will jeopardize the full rental time. Participants must follow the direction of the ambassador.
  3. Guardians must wear masks and observe physical distancing rules.

  4. Participants are encouraged to bring their own filled water bottles. There will be limited bottle refilling stations open should participants need to refill their bottles.
Using the facility
  1. Dressing rooms and showers are not available at this time.
  2. Washrooms are available in the skater lobby and are not to be used as change/dressing rooms. 3 people are permitted in the washroom at a time.
  3. Participants will enter and exit the ice surface from marked rink door closest to the chair grouping.
  4. Participants and guardians must remain in the designated activity space and not wander around the facility.
  5. Players must wear mask in common areas, removing the mask is only permitted on the ice surface.
  6. Hockey bags/sport bags are permitted but must be not be piled on top of one another.
  7. Players and participants must ensure physical distancing is maintained on the players’ benches.
  8. No participant or guardian shall spit, blow their nose freely or release any bodily fluid anywhere in the facility
  9. Following the ice rental period, the buzzer will sound, please leave the ice surface immediately.
  10. Participants must exit the facility within 10 minutes of rental activity ending.
  11. Ensure all equipment including pucks, cones, etc. are picked up in advance of the buzzer sounding to enable an immediate exit from the ice surface.
  12. There is no re-entry or in/out privileges permitted.

Groups must be adequately equipped with their own first aid supplies.  Management strongly recommends that CSA approved safety equipment including head, eye and facial protection are worn by all participants.  For customer safety, street shoes/footwear are not permitted on the ice at any time. 

Entrance and exit map

WMRC Facility Map

WMRC Facility Map 

Book swimming and track times

The indoor pool is open and pre-registration is required. Visit our swimming page to book your visit.

The indoor track is open and pre-registration is required. Visit our track page to book your visit.

Registered programs

Check our Active Waterloo website to register and pay for programs that take place at WMRC, including swim lessons, dance classes, camps and more.

Cancellations and closures

Check our cancellation page to ensure your program is running as scheduled.


Most spaces in WMRC are available for rent. From small meetings to birthday parties and banquets, the facility offers flexible spaces that can suit many needs.

Visit our rentals page to get started, or take a virtual tour of the facility.



The indoor swimming complex (what we call the ‘swimplex') has swimming pools, a diving tower, springboards, a waterslide and a splash area for children. Male, female and alternate-needs change rooms are available. 

Sun Life Financial Arena 

Waterloo's largest arena has an Olympic-sized ice surface and maximum capacity of 4,400 spectators (3,400 seated). It has eight dressing rooms and two referee rooms with showers, a first aid room and a press box. 

Meeting rooms 

There are three community meeting rooms that can accommodate between 25 to 40 people. 

Indoor track 

The indoor track is a low impact rubber surface that runs in an oval around the arena. Visit our track page for more information.

Upcoming major events

There are no major events currently impacting the use of WMRC.

Construction updates

The WMRC is expanding. Visit our project page for construction updates.