Trails and park continue to be open regular hours, subject to physical distancing and outdoor gathering size limit of 25.

Note that trails are maintained differently throughout the winter:

- paved trails such as Iron Horse or Spur Line are cleared first, expect mostly bare conditions
- gravel trails cannot be maintained by salt, expect packed snow and wet conditions
- natural trails in environmental areas are not maintained but remain open for use

Please use appropriate footwear for the expected terrain.

Waterloo Park

Known as the jewel of the city, Waterloo Park has an animal farm, splashpad, picnic areas, sport fields, playgrounds and more.

Bechtel Park

A large park on the city’s east side, Bechtel has an indoor fieldhouse, soccer and baseball fields, a dog park and more.

Hillside Park

Hillside is a popular place for baseball games and tournaments, and to explore walking trails.

Westmount Sports Park

One of Waterloo’s newest parks, Westmount has grass sports fields, an interactive play area and trails.

Park directory

Information on small and medium-sized parks, forested areas and environmental reserves.

Permits for working in parks

Find requirements, fees and application details for park access permits, and how to undertake work on easement lands.

Park etiquette

We want everyone to enjoy our parks. We ask that you follow the below tips to show respect for the space:

  • leave wildlife alone, specifically do not feed wildlife
  • do not disturb, remove or plant vegetation
  • stay on designated trails and respect all trail users
  • follow all signs posted in the park
  • do not put dog waste in regular garbage cans
Dog waste containers

Special dog waste recycling containers are now available at these parks:

  • Bechtel Dog Park
  • St. Moritz Park
  • Lakeshore Optimist Park
  • McCrae Park
  • Rolling Hills Park
  • Chesapeake Park
  • Old Post Park
  • Red River Park 
  • Mary Allen Park
  • Pinery Trail Park
  • Vista Hills Park
  • Waterloo Park, East
  • Moser Springer

Compostable bags are not required for use. If there isn't a container at your park, dispose of dog waste at home.


Unauthorized use of public land for personal purposes is not permitted in Waterloo.

This means you may not place a shed, fence or any other structure beyond your property line. That includes birdfeeders, play equipment, wood piles, pools, trailers, composters and gardens.

Penalties for encroaching onto public lands can be up to $10,000, including costs for restoring land at the expense of the person who encroached on it.