Indoor track

The indoor track is closed due to COVID-19 until further notice. 

Visit our COVID-19 webpage to find out how other city services have changed.

The indoor track at the rec complex is free to use from May to October. From November to April it's a mix of free and paid use.

Our indoor track is located at the Waterloo Memorial Recreation Complex, on the second floor inside the Sunlife Financial Arena. There are change rooms and coin-operated lockers located nearby. The four lane track is a low impact rubber surface that runs in an oval. Spike use is permitted, 5 mm is recommended. 


We will provide an updated indoor track schedule when it resumes regular programming. 


Single-use fees are $4.00 for adults (18 to 55) and $3.20 for children, youth and older adults. Discounted multi-use passes are available for 10 or 25 visits. We accept cash, debit and credit at the customer service desk.

Lane distances

  • 4.25 laps around the inside lane = 1 km
  • 4.15 laps around the middle lane = 1 km
  • 4 laps around the outside lane = 1 km

Track rules

  • no spitting or spouting of water, no chewing gum
  • lanes are designated for your safety:
    • 2 inside lanes: walking
    • 3rd lane: jogging
    • 4th lane: running only
  • warm up / cool down / stretching must take place along the east side in the two outside sprint lanes (front parking lot side)
  • track direction is counterclockwise at all times
  • persons pushing strollers may not walk with more than two single strollers side by side and only in the designated walking lanes
  • always pass on the outside lane
  • do not walk more than two abreast
  • do not stand within oval lane markings on track
  • no pets are permitted, service animals excepted
  • track is a scent-free zone, please do not wear any perfumes / colognes and other highly scented products
  • inline skating is not permitted on the track or inside the building
  • no equipment, including but not limited to sticks, balls, pucks, mats, weights, skipping ropes, etc. which might interfere with the safety of any walker or runner while on the track surface
  • during free public use time periods, the track is for the public's use for walk / jog / run activities only; commercial enterprise use such as personal trainers, fitness instructors, entrepreneurs, course conductors etc. are prohibited from using the track for private programming and / or their delivery of service with clients unless you are an approved program leader

To become a City of Waterloo approved program leader, call 519-886-1177 x 27270 for more information.