Loose leaf collection

The loose leaf collection program has ended for the year.

Waterloo residents have two options for leaf collection:

  • bag leaves for the Region of Waterloo's biweekly yard waste collection
  • rake street tree leaves to the edge of the road for loose leaf collection

Find your collection zone

How collection works

Some collection zones have changed this year. Search your collection zone in the map provided above.

Estimated collection schedule

All zone collection is complete for 2019

Loose leaf collection process

  1. In fall we set a collection start date. Residents are notified through social media, print ads and signs.
  2. Check the map above to locate your zone and scheduled leaf collection date.
  3. Rake leaves to the curb by 7:00 a.m. on the first day of your estimated pick-up. We only pick up loose leaves. Do not put sticks or non-leaf material in piles.
  4. Leaf collection crews will visit each zone only once – we cannot accommodate repeat visits.
  5. Once all leaves are collected or there is consistently freezing weather conditions, the program will end.

Cold temperatures and snowfall

Heavy snow fall in combination with continual freezing temperatures ends the leaf collection program. 

Our staff monitor the weather and often continue leaf collection once cold weather has subsided, however the trucks that collect leaves are the same trucks that clear snow.

Missed leaf collection

If you miss your leaf collection week you can bag your leaves and set them out for regional yard waste collection.

If you miss the Region's yard waste collection dates, you can deliver your leaves to the landfill during their operations hours. 

The City of Waterloo is a recognized Bee City and bees use natural mulch as a habitat. Consider using your leaves as mulch or compost on your property. 

Unable to rake leaves to street

If you are unable to rake leaves to the street yourself Home Support Services may be able to assist. Contact 519-579-6930 for eligibility and fees.

Streets that border Kitchener

The City of Kitchener provides leaf collection service on the following border streets:

  • Avondale Avenue from city limit to John Street West
  • Aberdeen Road from city limit to Forsyth Drive
  • Belmont Avenue from city limit to John Street West
  • Dunbar Road from city limit to John Street West 
  • Esson Street from city limit to John Street West 
  • Hartwood Avenue from city limit to Weber Street South
  • Margaret Avenue from city limit to Union Street East
  • Mary Street from city limit to Union Street East
  • Pinewood Place
  • Severn Street from city limit John Street West