Inspection services

Waterloo Fire Rescue assist building owners in requests for inspection of buildings to achieve compliance with the Ontario Fire Code.

Request for inspections

A home inspection will look at potential issues like barbecue tank storage, chimneys, electrical cords, heat sources, smoke alarms and exits. Follow this process to request one:

  1. Contact 519-884-2121 x 23306 and provide the homeowner's name, address, phone number and type of house.
  2. The fee for regulation purposes is $82.56 Payment is accepted by cheque only (made payable to the City of Waterloo) at Columbia Street headquarters.

File searches

To determine if there are fire code violations on a property, you require a letter from the person requesting the file search and written authorization from the current owner giving permission to conduct the search. File searches are $42.28 including tax and payment is accepted by cheque only, made payable to the City of Waterloo. Contact 519-884-2121 x 23306 to get started.

Fire extinguisher training

Fire extinguisher training provides the confidence needed for effective fire extinguisher use while demonstrating how to use fire extinguishers properly. Training is $135.99 /hour. Contact 519-884-2121 x 23309 to book a time.

Fire safety plan

Waterloo Fire Rescue offers review and approval of fire safety plans for regulation requirements. Follow this process to submit one:

  1. Submit your plan in person or by mail to Columbia Street Headquarters. You can request a free template of a fire plan to get started.Please call 519-884-2121 x 23309.
  2. The fee for review is $66.00 /hour. Pay in person or by mail via cheque payable to the City of Waterloo.