Development charges

Development charges help the city pay for increased demand for municipal services resulting from growth. The development charge bylaw (PDF) applies to all new development and certain changes in use in the city. City Council approved this new development charge bylaw on December 16, 2019, with new rates taking effect on December 31, 2019.

Watch: explaining development charges (3:40)

In accordance with the Development Charges Act (DCA) and recent amendments to the DCA via Bill 108, More Homes, More Choice Act 2019, development charges are now calculated at the later of site plan application date or zoning bylaw amendment application date and paid at the time of building permit issuance.

If neither applications have been made, the amount continues to be determined and paid at the time of building permit issuance. Delayed payment plans are in place for institutional and rental housing development (six payments over five years starting at occupancy) and for non-profit housing (21 payments over 20 years starting at occupancy). 

When making a building permit application, take into consideration the regulated processing time for the scope of work proposed, and additional time to address any outstanding issues identified by a plans examiner.

2019 development charge bylaw update

On October 21, 2019, city council received the following for review:

On November 18, 2019 council held a formal public meeting and approved the background study with the draft bylaw to be reviewed by council for approval on December 16, 2019.

The following documents were presented and reviewed during the November 18, 2019 meeting:

On December 16, 2019 council approved a new development charge bylaw with new rates to take effect on December 31, 2019. The below documents were presented to council for approval:

If you require a document in a different format, contact Heather Lagonia at 519-747-8774, TTY (for deaf) 1-866-786-3941 or

Services eligible to be funded from development charges

  • libraries
  • fire services
  • parks and major indoor recreation
  • cemeteries
  • parking
  • growth and engineering studies
  • roads and related transportation
  • public works and fleet
  • water supply and wastewater
  • stormwater drainage and control


  • rates are indexed annually on December 1 per the latest Non-residential Building Construction Price Index
  • other agencies’ rate changes may take effect on alternate dates - contact the applicable agency directly for more information
  • the city's current development charges info brochure (PDF) summarizes how fees are charged for municipal services
  • the 2019 Development Charges Background Study (PDF) explains how we set our current fees








Single and semi-detached units






Multiple units (including townhouses, masionettes and terrace dwellings)






Apartments with up to one bedroom






Apartments with two-three bedrooms






Apartments with four or more bedrooms






Lodging houses per bedroom






Per square metre of floor area  $67.63  $68.51  $72.73  $76.49 $71.58

Other agencies' development charges

Detailed information for other applicable development charges can be found on the following websites: