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About the Former Kraus Lands

Download expression of interest package (PDF)

The Former Kraus Lands (referred to as "the lands") are located on University Avenue East adjacent to the fire station at 911 University Avenue East. The lands are approximately 13.29 hectares (33 acres) in size. It is bounded by University Avenue East to the west, the Walter Bean Trail to the north, the Grand River is located to the east and a private property to the south.

The sale of the lands provides an opportunity to create additional residential and commercial development on the east side of the city. The lands are generally flat and there are no buildings or structures on site, with the subject lands being currently vacant. The surrounding lands are serviced by a bus route, and have amenities of the Grey Silo Golf Course and the RIM Park Manulife Sportsplex


What the City of Waterloo is seeking

The Former Kraus Lands were acquired as part of a larger acquisition a number of years ago for the construction of RIM Park, with the intention that the lands would be sold at a later time. The sale of the lands provides an opportunity to design residential and commercial development on the east side of the city.

The City of Waterloo is interested in development applications that:

  1. Make the best use of the site in terms of diversity of use and intensification.
  2. Advance the city’s Strategic Plan goals and objectives.
  3. Contributes to the creation of a mixed-use area that is seamlessly integrated in the surrounding community.

Zoning and permitted use

The Former Kraus Lands are designated as Low Density Residential with a Future Node and two specific provision areas in the city’s Official Plan.

The lands are identified as Residential (Low Density), Residential (Medium Density) and Residential (Medium-High Density) and are located within the Rural East District Plan.

A minor node is identified on the west side of the lands which shall contain commercial uses and a range of residential development with an emphasis on medium-high density developments.

Zoning Bylaw 2018-050 zones the property as Future Determination (FD) zone. A zoning bylaw amendment application will be required to rezone the lands appropriately to allow for the proposed development, which will include residential with a commercial component.

Additional planning applications will be required depending on the nature and scope of the proposed development.

Expression of interest

The following are some of the items that will be considered when reviewing proposals in response to this Expression of interest (EOI):

  • financial benefit to the city as the city should receive no less than fair market value for the subject land
  • affordable housing component
  • urban design, master planning, timing and the compliance of the proposal with the city’s requirements
  • consortium, team capacity

For the full list of items that will be considered, please refer to the expression of interest package.

Through this review process, the city wishes to identify a proponent where the city can enter into negotiations for an agreement which will include the sale of the subject land to the successful proponent subject to the city’s land disposition process.

Additional information

Responses to this EOI must be received before the proposal submission deadline.

Deadline for questions:

August 4, 2020.

Questions can be directed to

Responses for questions:

August 21, 2020

Proposal submission deadline:

September 24, 2020 before 4:00 p.m. EST

Note - late submissions will not be accepted.

Council meeting to render decision:

To be determined.

Submission instruction and proposal requirements can be found in the EOI package at the top of this page.


Photo Gallery: Former Kraus Lands will appear here on the public site.

About the Carnegie Library

Download lease information package (PDF)

Addendums and Question Responses (PDF)

The Carnegie Library is located at 40 Albert Street, Waterloo at the corner of Dorset and Albert Streets in uptown Waterloo. The building has a total gross floor area of 687 square metres. The total leasable space on the first, second and basement floors combined is 463.4 square metres.

The building offers a unique opportunity for an organization or collective of organizations to become tenants in this iconic space in a high profile location that is both walkable to uptown amenities and accessible to public transit.   



Zoning and permitted use

The Carnegie Library is intended to support the a range of uses, including office, educational or creative uses that will foster research, creative or innovative activities. 

The city plans to renovate the building to bring it up to current building code and accessibility standards. The floor plans found in the additional information section, illustrate the final configuration that is proposed. This includes the addition of a lula elevator, an entry lobby, removing interior partitions and upgrading the bathrooms. 

Types of uses permitted within the zoning bylaw:

  • institutional uses
  • tech offices
  • makerspace (Class A)
  • business incubator
  • museum, library, art gallery
  • artist studio (Class A)
  • office (excluding health practitioner and medical clinic)

To understand more about the zoning requirements view our zoning bylaws:

View floors plans

View the Carnegie Library floor plans (PDF)

Expression of interest

Organizations and businesses or collective or organizations/businesses that are interested in becoming tenants are required to make a submission through our online form. You will be required to submit information regarding:

  • the background of your business
  • the intended use of the property
  • proposed lease price, occupancy date, term and renewal dates
  • list of any co-tenant/parties to the proposal
  • list of interior leasehold improvements requiring construction with a proposed budget
  • outline of access to funds or grants to offset city's capital improvements
  • extent of potential job creation
  • required permits if any from all levels of government if needed
  • two previous locations and timeframe at each
  • previous landlord reference or letter of support

When you have gathered all of this information, we encourage you to submit an expression of interest by September 30, 2020 at 4:00 p.m.

Apply now

Additional information and staff contact

We strongly encourage you to reach out to our staff for any additional information to view the property or for additional information regarding the property and zoning requirements. 

Please download the expression of interest package at the top of this page that provides further details including occupancy load estimates and further terms of lease.


Kristin Sainsbury, economic development

Fredrick VanRooyen, zoning/committee coordinator

Colleen Kent, municipal building official


Photo Gallery: Carnegie Library will appear here on the public site.